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It is generally considered that the gold standard in effectiveness of RCTs is the use of a placebo control for the study intervention. However, our pilot study does not employ a placebo (sham acupuncture treatment) for several reasons. A considerable body of evidence from large-scale effectiveness studies has demonstrated that sham acupuncture treatments as controls are problematic. For some chronic pain conditions, the observed effects of acupuncture treatments are larger in usual care controls when compared with sham controls. This might suggest that sham acupuncture treatments have physiological effects, and are thus not inert. Past sham controlled studies have employed techniques such as shallow needling, and needling with a retractable needle or toothpick.1536 Such techniques create a sensation not dissimilar to light touch which has some data to show that it has physiological effects.37 It is also conceivable and probable that shallow needling and needling with a retractable needle elicit similar physiological effects as deep needling. These sham acupuncture techniques are therefore inappropriate. We feel that until better sham techniques are available, it is prudent to design a study that does not employ a placebo control.

acupuncture 1 2 3 richard tan pdf 100


What if an acupuncture strategy promised to balance and harmonize the qi in all 12 channels, treat the whole body, engage timing and seasonal factors, and provide a yin-yang global balance ...googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display('article_rectangle'); ); all in one fell swoop? Enter Dr. Tan's 12 magic points. It could very well be the gan cao of acupuncture.

A middle-aged male lay comatose in the intensive care unit of a local hospital, with unstable vital signs, trauma to the right cerebral hemisphere, and a fever of 106o. The hospital staff does everything in its power for eight solid days, but the patient continues to decline. By request of the family I was granted permission to treat this man with acupuncture. Due to the complexity of the case, and because I was limited to the areas of the body where I could place needles, the 12 magic points seemed ideal. I chose to use the following five transporting points below the knees and elbows, from jing well to he sea:

I chose to treat her primary complaint, headache, for which she returned for regular acupuncture treatments. After just six weeks using 12 magic points, the intensity, frequency and headache recovery times diminished progressively, until she became completely headache-free. In addition, she came to me with the exciting news that she had become pregnant while under my care! The 12 points had performed their magic once again.

For nearly three years, I have had the opportunity to apprentice with Dr. Richard Tan. I have watched him test and develop new acupuncture strategies using his systems of the balance method, seasonal and timing theories, concepts from the I Ching Ba Gwa, Master Tong points, and Chinese astrology ba zi. Drawing from these rich sources, he continually reinvents new acupuncture treatment strategies. 350c69d7ab


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