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"God placed the best things in life on the other side
of fear."

Will Smith

Our approach

Navigating life’s ‘suddenlies’, and even the best laid plans, is a lot like jumping out of an aeroplane.  There are various ways and methods used to take that giant leap which are surprisingly similar to our approach. The good news is you have options!  

From the start, your experience with Ripcord Connections is about identifying the leap you desire to make with the level of risk you are prepared to take. Through an initial consultation, we can help you find a natural flow for moving from one stage to another.  That flow also maximises your current resources. Together, we consider your ‘launchpad’ conditions and your desired ‘drop zone’.

Other factors to look at before taking your ‘leap’ can include the size of your support network which often equals the level of risk to take, your own desire for change, and how soon you want results, or the fulfilment of your vision. 


The Ripcord Connection Journey:  


  • Commit to a vision and follow through

  • Step out of your comfort zone and lean into your fear

  • Be prepared to let go of one thing to be free to take hold of another

  • Take time to glean from those who have shared experiences

  • Embrace the intensity of the process believing that the ‘best is yet to come’

  • Be present in the moment, so you don’t miss out on the view along the way


To help you on your journey, Becky not only draws on her own experiences, but she also utilises her partnerships to provide the best service for your specific needs.

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