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Building Healthy Life Skills


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but
no one thinks of
changing himself.”  


Leo Tolstoy

Building Healthy Life Skills


Part 1:  Learning New Insights 


  • helps understand the impact of adversity and the benefits of resilience

  • equips with the tools for building healthy mind-body connections


  • strengthens the ‘three brains’ core alignment for positive self regulation


  • identifies a Resilience Quotient, transforming adversity into opportunity

Part 2:  Making Wise Choices


  • focus on the ‘windows of opportunity’ for retraining the brain


  • learn the art of repair and reconnection that creates resilience


  • develop a personal resilience maintenance plan

  • identify your strengths and spheres of influence for fostering community resilience

Contact Becky for a free consultation on Courses and Workshop fees.

Workbooks are included for Building Healthy Life Skills 1 and 2.


Photo by Leonardo Iheme

on Unsplash

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