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"I alone cannot change
the world, but I can
cast a stone across
the water to create
many ripples."

Mother Teresa


After years of experience working in partnership with Becky, it's great to see that she's engaging in a new development Ripcord Connections, with the aim of supporting communities to build legacy through empowerment.  Becky has developed community services based on learning and community engagement in NE Glasgow, including the delivery of digital inclusion services for adults and young people in partnership with Glasgow Kelvin College as well as supporting local achievements to be recognised through the Community Achievement Awards programme.  I know from many conversations with her that Becky seeks solutions within and from communities rather than through dependence on outside agencies lacking local knowledge: her new venture is likely to help other agencies develop their approaches to gaining local answers to local questions. 


Craig Green, retired Community Engagement Head of Faculty, Glasgow Kelvin College 



I’ve known and worked with Becky Frank for over 25 years. She is very innovative and creative and so glad that she has put these gifts into a new organization. As one of our Middle East Field Coordinators, her drive and networking skills were key in gathering other local innovators to create new programmes, workshops and events that provided a safe place for both individual and collective growth. Becky enjoys helping others thrive by identifying their strengths and working to weave those into a sustainable connectivity.  In Scotland, she has continued to identify unmet needs in various aspects of education and community life, successfully developing creative solutions that have been transformational.  I highly recommend her and have been glad for every investment into her programs.


Steve Beam, President of Foundation for Missions

Becky Frank has been one of the most influential individuals in my life in the areas of encouraging me to be a “risk taker” and helping my passions come to life. For many years, I have dreamed of opening a business. At times, when I was afraid to move ahead, worried about the right timing, questioning my dreams, or asking myself whether I was too old to be diving head first into this endeavour, Becky would remind me that this was my passion and purpose!!  She had a unique way of helping me to envision my skill set which instilled the courage in me to move ahead and RISK!  I launched my business venue in early 2020 and even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we are beginning to flourish! Becky, I cannot thank you enough for bringing out in me what truly makes me feel alive!!


Pam, business owner

I first met Becky as a young adult when she invited me to a small group at her house.  She encouraged me to reflect on my own life, my core values and my future – she was not afraid to challenge (in a very positive way!) and she very much encouraged me to have confidence in myself, my own ideas and beliefs and to identify my skills and talents.  She inspired me to ‘think big’, to embrace challenges and to discover my true identity. Over the past 20 years, Becky has continued to play a key role in my life.  When asked, she has an innate ability to get alongside others and understand the heart of who they are.  She continues to be both a mentor and a friend.


Fiona Houstoun

Four years into Agape Wellbeing’s journey, I met up with Becky to discuss the direction of the charity. Being torn between options and uncertain of the way forward, I knew we had to consider new opportunities, or the charity would not continue to thrive. The hour with Becky, was for me a light bulb moment. As an organisation, it was transformational, bringing confirmation to decisions we were wavering about as a board, and helping us to focus on our heart for change. She challenged our structure, our service delivery and for all the right reasons, turned Agape Wellbeing on its head.

Three years on, the fruit of that discussion is ten-fold. With over a dozen services to the local community, our staff and volunteer base have increased, and our partnerships expanded. With her knowledge and expertise, Becky has enabled us to bridge the gap between theory and practice, producing a more effective, efficient, and successful way of working.


Heather Malloch, Co-Founder and Chair of Agape Wellbeing

Becky travelled to Inverness at short notice to help us to facilitate our church leadership’s group-led planning workshop. Drawing on her own experience, she was able to enthuse our church to identify our issues, and returned to lead a follow up workshop with a wider audience which provided us with a plan for future community development. Becky is an inspired and gifted communicator.


David and Ruth Martin, leadership team


I have heard Becky speak both publicly and in workshop contexts.  In all of these, she has inspired confidence in myself and others through her dynamic multifaceted, and often interactive presentations.  She is a skilled public speaker and has the gravitas to deal with a variety of topics.  Her presentation style has a way of captivating her audience, making a connection where most would think none could exist. Becky has a unique way of resonating with people.  She is an advocate by nature and is definitely someone you would want in your corner.


Workshop participant

If you want to see things shift and fall into place personally or professionally try Ripcord Connections. CEO Becky Frank can help harness your thoughts and dreams into a fresh vision for change. Her innovative track record of individual and community development has already assisted hundreds of people in central Scotland.  Let Ripcord Connections work with you, your group or organisation to realign the direction of travel.  Discover new pathways to future possibilities with their help.  Watch the ripple effect of developing collaborative relationships, building more sustainable networks, and growing in personal resilience to reach your goals.  Whatever career legacy or community footprint you want to achieve in life, you are in safe hands with Becky Frank and her expert team as they join you in your journey of transformational growth.


Allana Parker, A1 Public Affairs Consultancy 

I met Becky Frank at a Children in Scotland event I was delivering on Parental Engagement. Becky stood out as someone who was passionate about learning. I have continued to work with Becky over the last two years as a course provider for her charitable foundation, coach and critical friend. Her enthusiasm and commitment to making a difference to the lives of children, young people, parents, families and communities are to be applauded. She strives to provide support for all who need it and leaves no stone unturned when looking for solutions or facing challenges. To anyone who is considering engaging Becky, she has my strongest endorsement.  


Dr Val Corry, Education Consultant, Associate Tutor-University of Glasgow, Facilitator and Practice Advisor- International Futures Forum, Associate-Children in Scotland 

Becky is well equipped to deliver Ripcord Connections, as a person who loves and is energised by networking and connecting she knows how to join the dots and make things happen. Building on years of experience in community projects across many organisations Becky is the catalyst to start transformation and a go to person for your team or project to make things happen.


Gayle Cattanach, Advanced Building Contractors LTD

As a retired Depute Head Teacher I have volunteered since 2015 in some of Becky’s educational programmes. Becky is very skilled at identifying gaps in children’s learning and devising programmes and gathering resources to meet those needs. She collaborates very successfully with the staff and parents in the schools. As well as working with the pupils, Becky is very skilled at enabling parents and carers to access support from other agencies. She builds up a rapport with parents/carers empowering them to offer each other mutual support. She is very good at recruiting teams of volunteers to support children’s learning.  She builds trust between parents, carers and schools. Becky is skilled at networking between different agencies in order to help pupils reach their full potential and to build the confidence of parents and carers.  Becky’s professionalism, commitment and empathetic manner means that she is well placed to help families or individuals.   

Katherine Matheson, retired Depute Head Teacher 

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